Our Team

Our internally trained team produces optimal results without sacrificing clients’ ease of business or customer experience.We pride ourselves on educating your customers on deficiency balance, state laws, and alternate funding options while creating a sense of urgency that motivates swift resolution. All of our techniques are Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and state law compliant.


Our strategic plan consistently translates to success when working with your customers. Our Front Line Team initiates contact, generating recoveries via manual calling, dialer or letter activity. Additional efforts are initiated by our Midline and Rework teams, when necessary. Finally, our PPA (partial payment arrangement) Team handles payment plans by arranging and following up on monthly billing for customers committed to repaying balances in installments. 

Our Technology

SRA Associates utilizes a series of fully automated processes to systematically move accounts through the various stages of our collection solution. Each process has been carefully designed to maximize collector productivity, improve agency performance, and increase the efficiency of our overall organization. The processes that are automated are as follows:

  • Loading of Placements
  • Bankruptcy / Deceased Scrub
  • On Line Credit Report Retrieval Process
  • Letter Generation
  • Dialer Strategy
  • Collector Account Assignment Process
  • Front Line Manual Collection Strategy

  • Automated Waterfall Skip Tracing Process
  • Account Activity Auditing Process
  • Salvage Manual Collection Strategy
  • Remittance Process
  • Account Reconciliation Process
  • Compliance Management Process
  • Others

Accounts intelligently move from process to process based on predetermined criteria: number of days from referral date, scheduled prompt date, account status, availability of telephone numbers, and other scoring criteria. All accounts remain in the process and continue to be monitored and treated until they pay or are returned to our client. Automation of these processes ensures the actual collection treatment mirrors the desired plan, resulting in more efficient management of inventory and higher liquidation rates for clients.

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is the process of locating a customer when no viable points of contact have been provided. SRA utilizes an extensive waterfall batch process to ensure that no stone goes unturned when attempting to locate customers. We employ the most effective resources to ensure our strategy is a recipe for success.