About Us

Mission Statement

SRA Associates is a nationally licensed receivables management organization dedicated to delivering top-notch performance and customer service. We provide a full continuum collection service that includes locating and contacting customers, resolving disputes, negotiating payment terms and ultimately recovering charged-off accounts. Our focus on compliance and desire to create a positive experience for your customer makes SRA one of the most trusted and relied-upon agencies in the industry.

Quality and Compliance

SRA employs a compliance division/quality assurance team. All of our inbound and outbound calls are recorded and stored for seven years. Our manager span of control is among the lowest in the industry, just four collectors to every supervisor.



With senior management averaging 23 years of industry experience, SRA Associates’ management team possesses a wealth of knowledge throughout all aspects of our organization, field and services. Using our collective experience as well as ongoing industry insights, we impart support and knowledge to our team, arming employees with the tools and direction necessary to make SRA Associates an unbeatable ARM service.


Our dedicated team of associates is flexible to meet our clients’ needs. SRA Associates is comprised of several different divisions, including Collection, Compliance, Client Services, IT, Operations, and Sales. We exercise capacity planning, which is conducted monthly, to ensure proper resources are on-hand to meet anticipated placement volumes for each client.


In addition to maximizing the talents of highly skilled and trained staff, we automate processes to help clients see benefits faster. Automated efforts include batch skip tracing, generation of custom reports, and workflow management, all of which greatly expedite the recovery process. We accept data from clients in any format and allow customers to view their accounts remotely. Our technology gives us the edge in this time-sensitive, results-based industry.

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